What’s in an Irish Name?

 Researching your Irish ancestry can be interesting and fun when you use Irish Family Map’s easy to use grid system.  Looking up the last name McCarty, we found Irish families named McCarty that sired from Southwestern Ireland in county Kerry and county Cork.  A little more research revealed that in the late 16th century, near today’s city of Killarney, MacCarthy Mór the ruled as King of Desmond.  According to MacCarthy People and Place, the name MacCarthy wasn’t used until the12th century.  “The family is named after Carthach (meaning ‘the loving one’), King of Munster (died 1045). His son Muiredach assumed the name MacCarthach meaning ‘the son of Carthach.” (Alicia St. Leger, 1990 ). It all was inspired by an Irish Family Map.  Since then, dreams and imagination yield exciting stories of Irish Clans, Gaelic Kings and the battles that took place to maintain control of the farmlands, beautiful mountains and coastal islands of County Kerry.  

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